The Basic Dental Implant Procedure: What You Should Know

If you're considering dental implants, or have recently heard the phrase tossed about, Dr. Gary Johnson and the professional team at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry have shared some basic answers to common questions, with hopes to bring comfort in the midst of the unknown. As for the basic dental implant procedure, here's what you should know.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are permanent replacements for damaged or missing teeth. These small, titanium posts fuse to your jaw, assuring a strong anchor for the crown which the dentist will adhere after the gums heal.

Will the procedure hurt?

Dr. Johnson prioritizes your comfort and ease of mind. Alongside his professional team, Dr. Johnson adheres to the philosophy agreed upon by the office which includes patient comfort and priority. Thanks to the most advanced equipment and procedure techniques, as well as sedation options, you need not worry about physical pain. There may only be a slight discomfort, treatable with medicine, as your gums heal after the implant procedure.

Are dental implants hard to upkeep?

So long as you care for all your teeth, you need not take care of the dental implant any more than the others. Not only will the implant look and feel natural, maintenance is natural, as well. Brush, floss, and maintain healthy gums with regular visits to the dentist.

Can I eat normally? Or will the implants fall out?

Once the implants and crowns are fit and secured in place, go for it! Again, so long as you maintain a healthy, daily dental hygiene routine, you need not worry for losing your implant any more than you fear losing your natural teeth. This is one of the most permanent tooth-replacement options, lasting up to 40 years and in some cases, a lifetime!

What are the benefits?

Not only do dental implants look and feel natural, they help to maintain healthy gums, your natural smile, and facial shape. Soon enough, your confidence will increase and your meal-time concerns will disappear.

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