Top 5 Iconic Monster Teeth

Top 5 Iconic Monster Teeth.jpg

With Halloween fast approaching, we’re doing the Monster Mash and thinking about some of our favorite monster choppers from pop culture. From classic canines to millennial molars, these are our picks for top 5 iconic monster teeth.

5. The Werewolf from An American Werewolf in London

The 1981 horror comedy An American Werewolf in London tells the story of a young American who gets bit by a werewolf while backpacking in England. He survives the attack but is turned into a werewolf himself and transforms into one on the next full moon. In his wolf state, he has huge, hideous teeth that are perfect for attacking his prey on the streets of London, especially those canines!

4. Godzilla

Though there have been many different iterations of the famous creature, whether he appears in claymation or CGI, Godzilla’s teeth are always terrifying. As a monster who emerges from the sea, Godzilla’s reptilian, dinosaur-like appearance is enhanced by his unruly and razor-sharp teeth.

3. Xenomorph from the Alien franchise

What could be more memorable than one set of frightening teeth? Two sets of frightening teeth. Xenomorph is an alien set on destroying any life that may pose a threat to its domination, and its teeth are perfectly suited for that. While the outer teeth are razor-sharp and jagged, so are the inner teeth. The inner teeth may be a smaller version of the outer teeth, but they are still strong enough to smash through bone and metal. No big deal.

2. The Shark from Jaws

There are few images more iconic than the movie poster for Jaws. Those rows of teeth lurking beneath the surface of the water, just waiting to sink into its prey. The most terrifying thing about the shark is its teeth, and that scene where it comes out of the water, jaws chomping is one of the most memorable in cinematic history.

1.  Dracula

Those fangs have appeared in numerous versions across books and film, but they remain iconic in whatever shape they take. Dracula’s entire existence is made possible by his ability to sink his teeth into people, feed off their blood, and spread the vampire curse. And today, people dress up like him and wear fake vampire teeth to complete the look. What could be more iconic than that?

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