Get Same-Day Crowns with CEREC

Everyone knows they're supposed to go to the dentist, but between work, school, kids, and other responsibilities sometimes it's hard to find the time. This is especially true when it comes to procedures that take multiple visits. It's hard enough trying to fit one visit into your hectic schedule, multiple visits for the same procedure is next to impossible. 


Crowns are beneficial to those who are looking to improve their smile for cosmetic reasons, as well as those who need to repair a damaged tooth. They're preferred over fillings, but they also present a problem for anyone who doesn't have an excess amount of free time. 

Standard Procedure

When getting a crown at most dental offices you have to come in for a consultation, get an uncomfortable mold of your tooth, and then return to the dentist one to two weeks later to actually receive the crown. This not only means you have to make time for multiple dental visits, it also forces you to deal with your damaged tooth for another few weeks before receiving relief. 


With CEREC Dr. Johnson eliminates all that stress and hassle. At Gary Johnson DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry you get all the benefits of a crown in a fraction of the time. CEREC eliminates the need for an off-site lab, allowing Dr. Johnson to measure, mill, and place your new crown the same day.

The Procedure

You'll have a picture taken of your tooth with CEREC's specialized camera. The picture is then sent to the CEREC computer that will make your new crown from a high-grade ceramic that's compatible with your mouth's natural tissue. Within the hour your crown is fully finished and ready for placement. 

Eliminate the hassle of scrambling to make time for multiple visits to the dentist for one procedure. Choosing CEREC-Same Day Crown for your next crown placement will save you a lot of stress and time and allow you to get relief from a damaged tooth with one visit. Dr. Johnson and his team care about your dental health, your time, and your smile. They offer custom care and personalized service that goes above and beyond. Receive not only efficient service but a welcoming smile from a friendly staff that will do whatever they can to ensure you receive the best care possible.