Are X-Rays Safe?

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Imagine knowing if you have gum disease or decay even before you ever show any symptoms. That’s what a dental X-ray can do! Dental X-rays are one of the most powerful tools your dentist uses in monitoring your oral health. But one of the most frequent questions that we receive is: are dental X-rays actually safe?

Dental X-Ray Process

At the beginning of your appointment, your dentist or hygienist will have you wear a lead vest for your safety and bite down on a small, comfortable device called a bitewing while they take quick X-rays of your teeth and gums at different angles. The entire process lasts just a few minutes.

What Do Dental X-Rays Do?

Dental X-rays give your dentist an in-depth, comprehensive look at your teeth and gums to detect early-stage gum disease, decay, and the growth patterns of wisdom teeth, just to name a few things. Along with the examination, X-rays provide a detailed look at the state of your oral health so your dentist can more accurately tailor your dental care to your specific needs.

Who Needs Dental X-Rays?

New patients and those with gum disease and any other pre-existing conditions need dental X-rays. If you don’t have anything to monitor, you only need X-rays taken every 1-2 years.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Many patients are concerned about radiation exposure during the X-ray process. Because dental X-rays are quick and very technologically advanced, you don’t have to worry about them having a negative impact on your health. If you have been told by your doctor to avoid radiation exposure, let us know. If not, it’s completely safe to have dental X-rays taken. Overall, dental X-rays are safe, occur relatively infrequently, and help your dentist provide more precise and comprehensive care.

If you have more questions about the X-ray process or would like to schedule an examination, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Gary Johnson DDS! We look forward to seeing you!