Why You Should Floss Every Day


While it might seem daunting or time consuming to thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day and then floss on top of that, it's well worth going that extra mile. Our dental team at Gary Johnson DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry want our patients to have optimal tooth health, so here are four reasons why we think floss is pretty boss.

1. Detail-Oriented Routine

Although toothbrushes and mouthwash are great at removing film and plaque from your teeth, floss actually gets down and dirty into the nitty gritty of grime. By that, we mean the hard-to-reach bits of gunk that hang out in between your teeth,that are no match for the power of floss.

2. Gums Will Glisten

Using floss to remove food particles not only helps keep your teeth healthy, but it also benefits your gums as well. Food particles that are left to linger in between your teeth and below your gumline can cause plaque (and eventual tartar) buildup, which can lead to red, swollen, bleeding, and infected gums—which are no fun.

3. Prevent The Expense

Dental procedures can be costly even with insurance, so we like to empower our patients to reduce the need for them. Flossing can be of service with this, as the better and more thorough you care and clean your teeth and gums the less likely your need for expensive dental care.

4. Domino Effect

When food particles are left unchecked in your mouth, nasty bacteria will form in your mouth and harm your body by encouraging heart disease, pneumonia, and problems with diabetes. Flossing is inexpensive and adds only a few minutes onto your oral care routine, but the benefits are grand. Flossing is one small step for your mouth health; one giant leap for your body health!

As always, if you have any questions regarding flossing or general dental care, be sure to contact us!